VidMate is a unique application for downloading video and audio from various Internet sites. The program is capable of doing things that are not available on platforms where music or videos are hosted. Often users need to download a particular media file located on a particular site. However, it is not always possible to fulfill this desire. For example, the YouTube platform does not allow people to download videos to their smartphones. With the help of the presented utility, you will be able to download content from any site in the best quality. Download the official version of the VidMate app for free using the links provided by our website.


You can download this utility to your smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system.

Program features

  • Downloading media content. With this application, you can easily download any videos or songs from any website. The program has an interface similar to a browser, but it offers not to watch content, but to download it.
  • Extract audio from video. If you are not interested in a particular video, but just need sound from it, then this utility will help you download exclusively an audio track in the best quality.
  • Simultaneous downloading of several files. You don't have to sit and wait for one video to load in order to put the second one on the download. The program offers the option of simultaneously downloading multiple files without losing download speed. Downloads occur in the background so as not to distract users from their business.
  • The utility contains the most popular sites with music, videos and movies. You can download any content from them. However, if you don't find what you need, you can copy the link in a regular browser and paste it into the search for this application. It will do everything possible to help you get what you want.
  • Multiple reconnections. This function is used by the utility to increase the speed of downloading files. You don't have to wait several hours for your content to be downloaded to your device, the utility will do everything efficiently and quickly.
  • Nice and intuitive interface and settings. Users note that working in the application gives them pleasure, and the interface pleases the eye. Also, despite the intuitiveness and ease of use, VidMate is equipped with a considerable number of settings in order to make the process of downloading information even more pleasant for the user.


If you have encountered such a problem that you need a particular media file on your device, and the site does not provide the ability to download, then VidMate will help you solve this issue. The easy and intuitive program is able to download media content from any website on the Internet. Using the program, you will not be disappointed in its abilities.