An Overview of Vidmate App – Everything You Need to Know About Vidmate APK

Vidmate is the popularly used entertainment application designed mainly for Android devices. This streaming application allows the users to stream online movies and videos from different portals including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. It lets the users to enjoy downloading of their favorite movies and videos for later streaming offline. It is mainly aimed for the people who love to stream videos and movies on the go. Owing to its higher productivity and ease of use, it has ranked top on the list of movie streaming applications. It facilitates streaming of videos and muscle for free and downloading is also possible for the same content. This makes it stand apart from the competitors today.

Vidmate is the free to download application and the updated version of the application can be downloaded on PC, iOS and Windows devices. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on any respective devices. It comes with dedicated search box through which you can find your favorite movies or content from its larger broadcast lists and collection. Besides, the movies and TV shows and videos, it also allows the users to explore a variety of games and apps that are included within the Vidmate App. Today, this application has managed to satisfy the entertainment needs of over 10,000 users worldwide. You can stream the videos in your desired resolution and it also supports HD downloading of videos and Live TV features. The application allows you to stream the content in HD quality or you may download it for later streaming without internet access. Users can enjoy quick download of movies and music from varied platforms like DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube and more.

A Brief  Overview of Vidmate Movie App!

Vidmate app is the entertainment application that has been optimized with the true essence of HD quality. You are no longer required to tackle with the annoying ads while streaming or downloading videos at Vidmate App. It was launched in the year 2011 and since then it has been serving the world with best entrainment experience. It has registered over 500 million downloads till now and still counting. This entertainment application allows you to stream and download all entertainment items in desired resolution which vary from 360p to 540p and 720p to 1080p. All videos and movies are delivered from varied platforms including DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Vimeo, YouTube and other streaming sites.
Vidmate App is designed and marketed by Alibaba Inc and it is the best video streaming downloading application. It enables you to stream HD quality videos for free on your Smartphone. The application is free to download and it has the largest database of movies and TV shows and other entertainment files.

Vidmate Download  With Latest Version 7th August 2018


Name VidMate
Latest Version 3.5102
Updated On  7 August, 2018
Size 8.29 MB
Total Downloads 500 million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 4.0+
Developer Nemo Studio

Copyright: Content & Vidmate App Original Copyright to

The Process for Download Install of Vidmate Latest Version v3.5102

The process to download and install Vidmate App is very easy and simple. The application is now available for PC, Windows Devices, Android and iOS devices for free. You need to follow few simple steps to complete the downloading process successfully. However, Vidmate App is not legally available on Google Play Store or iTunes Store and hence you are required to download the application from third party website online. With the downloading and installation of Vidmate App on your Device, you can get access to whole new world of entertainment. It has the largest library of movies and entertainment videos and all for no cost.

Vidmate App is only available to download in selected countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and more.

Vidmate Latest Version v3.5102

The Key Highlights of Vidmate APK

Apart from all these aforementioned features, Vidmate APK has many other primary features which make it stand apart from the crowd. Vidmate is the compact size small application that consumes very minimal space on the memory of your device. No matter if you are using the high end Android device or still using the age old Android model, Vidmate App is suitable for all versions and you can enjoy uninterrupted movie streaming on your Smartphone on the go. Vidmate App gives you access to twenty different websites for searching movies and downloading your favorite music and videos.

It comes with a dedicated search box that lets you to search your favorite movie and music in matter of seconds. You will get the easy downloading links too on the search result page from where you can download the videos directly on your device. Simply pick your favorite movies, search it and click on “Download” button and you are done with the downloading of the movies.

The Breakdown of Vidmate App

• Vidmate App is designed to let you stream and download unlimited movies from Kollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood and many other movies for free
• The application is free to download and allows downloading for free
• It lets you to stream TV shows and many other channels and above 200 videos for free
• Vidmate App delivers you easy way to download at high speed with its mydownloadtube without any obstacles.
• The application also has several other downloads which keeps on going in the background of the application without hampering the device functioning

Why Vidmate App is Considered Best?

You will come across with a variety of Android Apps for Streaming, but the good choice is always the Vidmate App for many good reasons. Vidmate App is the application which not only allows you to stream movies and TV shows online, but also deliver you content for free downloading too. This is the application provides you sourced links from over 20 different platforms and downloading is also faster at this application. It allows you to download movies, videos, music and audios at rapid pace and for free.

Best Features of Vidmate App!

Accessing HD Quality Videos – Vidmate App allows you to download HD quality videos for free. You also have to option to download the videos in your desired resolution. It allows you to download free movies and music and videos from different sources online.
Unlimited Downloading – Vidmate App allows you to download unlimited movies and videos on your Android device for free.
Faster Downloading – The application allows faster downloading of videos and greatly depends on the internet speed that your device is connected to.
Compact in Size – The Vidmate App is very compact in size and consumes very less memory on your device.
Built-in Media Player – Vidmate app comes with in-built video player you are no longer required to depends on external players to play the downloaded videos.

You might know a variety of streaming application and video downloader apps on internet. But, no other video downloader app can challenge the features offered by Vidmate App. Vidmate App offers some great features and specs which no other apps can offer in the market. This application allows you to stream, watch, download videos and movies in HD quality. It also supports TV shows download for free on your Android device. This application supports multiple platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more.

The Fast Download Mode on Vidmate App

Vidmate App allows you to enjoy faster downloading of videos and movies. However, you need to make few changes in the settings of the application to enjoy the faster download mode.
• Go to the “ME” tab of the application
• Tab on “Settings” which you will see on top and just go to History
• Now you need to navigate to Download Settings
• Scroll down to find the option “Fast Download Mode” tap on it to enable it
• Now the download speed would increase significantly

Steps to Download Videos on Vidmate App

• Download and install the Vidmate on your respective device
• Launch the application and you will see the search bar on top of the home screen
• Now type the name of the movie or video that you want to download and hit enter
• You will see the search results with the movie listing and the platforms where it is available for download
• Select the video and tap on it and click on “Download” button
• The application will ask you to choose the quality of the videos. Choose the quality and the video will start downloading

Download Video Vidmate App

Here is Downloading Process Vidmate on Android:

It is very simple and easy to download Vidmate App on Android device. However, you need to make few changes on the system settings to accept downloading of the application from third party sources online. It is not available at Google Store and hence you need to download it from third party sources after making few changes into the system settings.
Step 1: Download the Vidmate APK file from
Step 2: Now to go to the “Settings” and enable the unknown source option
Step 3: Save the downloaded APK file on file manager
Step 4: Click on the file to extract it and you will see a disclaimer with the option of “Install”. Click on “Install” key
Step 5: The installation process will start and this may take some time to get installed.

How to Download Vidmate on iOS Device?

If you are Apple users, then you will not find Vidmate on iTunes or Apple Store for download. So, you need to download it from third party sources like you did for Android. Follow the below steps to complete the downloading of the app on iOS device.
• Download the Vidmate App from for your iOS device
• Login to the Apple Device Settings and enable the Unknown Source from Security Settings
• Now install the Vidmate downloaded file and click on “Install” button and read the disclaimer before you click the “OK” button
• It will take few minutes to get downloaded and installed

Download Vidmate on iOS Device

How to Download Vidmate on Windows?

Now Vidmate is also available for Windows Device and to complete downloading you need to follow the below steps.
• Downloading the Vidmate APK file on your Windows device from
• After you download the file click on the file to extract it
• Now make changes into the settings of your device
• Install the app on your Windows device and start using it

How to Download Vidmate on PC?

• Download the Bluestack Emulator on your Windows PC
• Search the Vidmate App from search bar and click on the icon to start downloading
• Click on Install button to start the installation and you can start using it on your PC as well

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vidmate App

Vidmate App is the ultimate video downloader application that is brought to you by UC Mobile & Co. It offers remarkable experience without any cost. It allows you to download videos and streaming it in HD quality and it consumes very less space on your device memory.
Since it is available in APK format, it can’t be considered as authenticated to some users and it needs to be downloaded from third party sources online.

FAQ of Vidmate App!

How to Download Videos on Vidmate App?

You need to follow few simple steps to complete the downloading of videos on Vidmate App. you need to launch the app and search for the videos or movies that you want to download. Now you will get the links and sources from where you can download the videos online on your device.

How to Check the Status of Downloads?

The Vidmate App has a notification panel at the top of the home screen from where you may check the download status of the videos. It provides you information about all ongoing downloading at background.

How to Play the Videos That are Downloaded in Vidmate App?

After the download is over you will receive a notification from the application. Click on the downloaded video from the list and access it directly. However, Vidmate App comes with built-in video player and hence you can play the downloaded video files directly on its built-in player. You don’t need to rely on the external video players to play the downloaded videos on Vidmate App.